Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Glass Recycling Roadshow

Hi everyone – this is a call for volunteers!

This coming Saturday (18 November, 2017), Green Glass Green is holding a fun and informative roadshow at Causeway Bay. We will be playing games and talking to people on the street to raise awareness of the benefits of glass recycling.

The details of the roadshow are as follows:

Location: East Point Road, Causeway Bay (near SOGO)

Time: 2pm – 6pm

Additional details: We will be moving the materials from Luard Road Refuse Collection Point to East Point Road at 1pm. Setting up the roadshow will start at 1:30pm at East Point Road. Therefore:

  • Meeting time and location for moving materials: 1pm outside Luard Road Refuse Collection Point, Wan Chai
  • Meeting time and location for setting up: 1:30pm at East Point Road, Causeway Bay

Please come and help for whatever you have time for! Whether it’s facilitating games, or discussing with the public, or transporting materials, we appreciate whatever you have to offer!

If this roadshow sounds like something you would enjoy lending a hand for, or you have further questions, please give us a call/WhatsApp us at 5316 2907, or email us at greenglass365@gmail.com.

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