Alliance of Southside Churches Christian Festival – Upcycled and Recycled Glass Fun!

Last Saturday (4 November 2017), the Alliance of Southside Churches organized a Christian Festival held at the Wind Tower Park, Ap Lei Chau. Southside Glass Recycling Initiative, a glass recycling advocacy project, was lucky enough to be allocated two booths. We offered the public an opportunity to take part in a glass upcycling craft workshop to paint and bring home self-decorated glass bottles, or have a go at toss the ring! All glasses we employed were recycled and remain in absolutely new and good conditions.

The festival actually turned out be much busier than we first expected, prompting us to run back for additional glass bottles so that more children and adults could participate in painting. Hectic as it was, the children’s excitement and smiles definitely made it more than worthwhile. Fortunately, we also had amazing volunteers from Aberdeen Baptist Lui Ming Choi College and the Southside Glass Ambassador Team, who did a great job at facilitating tossing rings at glass bottles and glass painting, as well as educating participants about the importance of glass recycling.

It was fantastic to see everyone’s creativity come to the surface, and throughout the day we saw various Pokémon, Marvel superheroes and Totoro come to life (just to name a few!). Some painted bright stars on their bottles, and others colorful, blooming flowers. Others conjured shapes and patterns purely from their imaginations. All in all, it’s something that I won’t forget.

The festival was definitely a success. Green Glass Green was delighted to see so many Southside residents enthusiastic about glass and its recycling. We hope you take the glass initiative to join the ambassador team to promote healthy green living in Hong Kong. Please email us via or WhatsApp/call 5316 2907 if you are interested or have any questions!

Have a look at some photos taken on the day below!

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