Glass Recycling: Student / Teacher Workshop

In line with Ap Lei Chau Glass recycling Island launching, we would organize two workshop sessions.

Saturday, Nov.1
3:00pm / 4:30pm
Venue: Phase 1 & 2 Podium Garden, South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau
(Directed at Participants Grade 7-12)


Overview by April Lai regarding Glass Recycling Initiative in Hong Kong
-Background regarding how the grass roots effort began
-Various grants from EPD to begin collection programs in various locations
-What is happening now
-Potential for widespread glass collection program – why it hasn’t happened yet and what the next steps may be

Discussion among the group regarding recycling in their school and community.
-Difficulties we are encountering in Hong Kong
-How glass recycling fits into the overall waste management program
-Innovative ideas

Activity – Roundtable with HKIS students who have been involved in Green Club / Glass Recycling and other sustainable programs
-How to share information with peers
-Interactive ways to raise awareness
-Brainstorming session for how to begin a program at your school

Please RSVP to: or
Please bring a recycled glass jar/bottle (7cm diameters X 11cm high) if you want to do glass bottle plant or glass painting.

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