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How can I support glass recycling in Hong Kong?

Be friends of glass; make its second life glistering again. Start now for a greener planet: Think if the glass container can be reusable before tossing it in refuse bin; Bring clean wine bottles to our designated glass collection points; Share your constructive views on how to reduce, reuse and recycle of waste glass on our website. Continue reading

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  站頭幫手執樽的工友啊郭因為8月底撞裂胸骨,細菌入骨膜,做了心口手術,已留院一個多月。 幸得待業和兩三個熱心朋友們輪流撐著,但工作量實在驚人,恐怕將近出院的啊郭,不勝獨自應付如此粗勞。 現緊急呼籲愛玻璃、愛環保的朋友,捐出寶貴的時間,一齊拾荒重整地球資源。代表玻璃老友向各位致敬! 逢星期四、五、六,上午7:00至11:00,灣仔盧押道。 聯絡:5316 2907 或 電郵 為安全和衛生起見,請參與義工自備綿手套和膠手套各一雙;我們會提供勞工手套。  

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經濟日報 2010-10-20
由10月25日至30日中午12時,大家可以將酒樽及乾淨的玻璃溶器帶到展場,放在指示牌的玻璃圈內,作下一站的廢物回收創作。 Continue reading

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玻璃活化起來,大家何不感應一下。 10月17日由中環天星碼頭開始、南丫島、中大…  

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Why should glass be recycled?

Glass is made by melting together silica sand the main ingredient and combining soda ash and limestone in a furnace at very high temperatures. Glass is 100% refillable, reusable and recyclable Recycle glass containers, the crushed glass cullet can be … Continue reading

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How does Hong Kong compare with other countries for glass recycling?

Glass recycling, a global trend (figures extracted from materials of 2007 & 2008)

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How is the glass recycled?

Eco block It is invented by HK Polytechnic University and has been manufacturing at a local eco construction material factory. The major constituents are recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste, recycled waste glass and fly ash from power plants. … Continue reading

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信報財經新聞 2010-10-12
萬物有靈。卡夫卡留意到,自從大氣層穿了洞、資源價格不斷暴升,「環保」便成了地球人的吶喊口號,近年較潮的用語是「低碳、綠色」,工程界率先推出「吸碳」建築、香港中樂團都改用環保樂器,藝術界用循環物料做創作也是近十多二十年的事。 Continue reading

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Quiz and Prizes (Completed)(2010-10-6)

Quiz and Prizes Continue reading

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