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職責: 回收/接收仔酒吧及市民的玻璃樽; 分揀/清整合適回收玻璃樽; 匯報回收況狀 工作地點:灣仔盧押道垃圾收集站及附近酒吧街 工時:一周三個早上(7至11) 時薪:40元 工作條件以香港勞法例為依歸。 歡迎查詢及試工,請致電5316 2907

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Please participate in glass collection

Glass is 100% recyclable. In 2009, glass recycling rate in HK is 1% and that is far behind many cities in the globe. In order to make HK an environmental friendly city, a pilot project, namely, “green glass green” is launching to raise consciousness on glass recycling in HK community. Continue reading

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