Green Glass Hong Kong Exhibition


Thinking Creatively about Recycling Glass – Overcoming Barriers in Hong Kong
——Organizer: Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers' Association

Students from Fanling Lutheran Sceondary School have produced around hundreds works of art out of discarded glass. Among them, 47 pieces have selected and are displayed. Students from Rosaryhill School trace the journey of this glass, inviting the public to use their imagination to participate in this journey.Unknown Object

Seeman Ho's Reclamation Exercise / Eco Art shows us via images our relationship with waste we are about to throw away. 

Finally, the Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers' Association describes their experience of trying to organise glass recycling in Hong Kong via video. Informative exhibition boards tell us the story of waste glass in HK.

This exhibition is a result of people coming together because recycling and environmental improvement matters to us. We'd like to thank art teachers Mr. S.C. Yeung and S.Y. Leung, artists Seeman Ho,, and all our many friends who have supported us. We hope that with this exhibition platform, people could understand more about the possibility and significance of glass recycling in Hong Kong, reduce waste and help protect our environment.
Date: 17-30th January 2011
Time: 9am-10pm
Place: Zone B, Oasis Gallery (Central Market)


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