How can I support glass recycling in Hong Kong?

Be friends of glass; make its second life glistering again.

Start now for a greener planet:

  1. Think if the glass container can be reusable before tossing it in refuse bin;
  2. Bring clean wine bottles to our designated glass collection points;
  3. Share your constructive views on how to reduce, reuse and recycle of waste glass on our website;
  4. Share your glass friendly identity with friends, colleagues and family;
  5. Advocate glass recycling in your community;
  6. Join us for we need volunteers who are moved to act.

Friends of glass = friends of environmental protection

Recycle waste glass, we’ll

  • reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills;
  • save the glass disposal cost;
  • conserve raw materials and natural resources e.g. natural sand and countryside;
  • reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.

Glass collection point in Hong Kong

Please see the collection points that may near your home.


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2 Responses to How can I support glass recycling in Hong Kong?

  1. Claire Saunders says:

    I live in Phoenix Court in Wanchai next to Hopewell Centre (39 Kennedy Road). Is it possible to organise a collection point at our housing estate? We currently have recycling bins which are well used but do not include glass.
    Thanks and regards,
    Claire Saunders

    • greenglass says:

      I’m sorry for reply you late. The message was hiding and pops up right now. So here is my reply.
      HK gov’t has stepped in residential estates and providing glass collection services. Please call 2784 3970, gov’t residential contractor for arrangement.

      Should you have further enquiries, please email me via


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