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Green Glass Green is an initiative started by The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association and funded by the Hong Kong Government’s Environment and Conservation Fund.

The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association is a union. Many of our members haul construction and demolition waste from construction sites to transfer stations and landfills.

Witnessing first hand the amount of the waste glass dumped at the fills, the Association launched this project as a step towards a greener and more sustainable Hong Kong.

The glass collection has been run since June 2010 and is focused on raising awareness about the problem of waste glass, while actively collecting bottles for recycling.

We hope you can support us. Contact us:

Tel: 5316 2907
E-mail: info@greenglass.org.hk

4 Responses to About Us

  1. MunJung Koh says:

    Hello! I love your initiative and I’m actually thinking of running a beverage business that is eco-friendly – using recycled bottles to send our products back to the market. We will be happy to buy soju bottles (green 330ml bottles) from you to support this initiative and also help with volunteering. Would this be something we can work with together?

    Will be looking forward to hearing from you!

    MunJung Koh @ Soulite Team

    • greenglass says:

      I’m sorry for reply you late. The message was hiding and pops up right now. We have been operating glass recycling in various spots and 330ml bottles are very common in our stock. Please update me your business thoughts via info@greenglass.org.hk to enable us to think of the co-operation.


  2. David Lee says:

    I live in Tai Tam Redhill where is the closest collection station and schedule ?

    • greenglass says:

      Dear David,

      I’m sorry for reply you late. The message was hiding and pops up right now. So here is my reply. Tai Tam International School is our partner. Isn’t it convenient to you? Please email me at info@greenglass.org.hk with your answer and contact tel for my convenience to follow up with you.


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