How does Hong Kong compare with other countries for glass recycling?

Glass recycling, a global trend (figures extracted from materials of 2007 & 2008)

Country recycling rate (%) Country recycling rate (%)
Sweden  100 Denmark 98
Switzerland 95.4 Taiwan 92.1
Germany 91 Japan 90
Norway 81 Netherlands 76
S. Korea 68-70 New Zealand 66
Italy 57.2 France 57
Brazil 46 Spain 45
UK 44 Australia 41
Portugal 39 Poland 27
Turkey 24 S. Africa 21
Singapore  18.2 China 13-15.3
Hong Kong 1    


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  4. Assessment of International trading Markets for Recycled Container Glass and their Environmental Implications. Waste and Resources Action Programme: 2007
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2 Responses to How does Hong Kong compare with other countries for glass recycling?

  1. Gene Mustain says:

    Can you tell me whether you have a more recent report than 2010 that compares glass recycling In Hong Kong compared to other countries? Can you also refer me to some report that gives figures on the amount of glass bottle waste in Hong Kong, and whether the trend is up or down, and how much glass bottle waste is recycled?

    • greenglass says:

      I’m sorry for reply you late. The message was hiding and pops up right now. So here is my reply.
      We have been focusing on supporting glass recycling in bars and restaurants sector that makes us, the small team very exhausted and couldn’t spend time in collecting reports etc. In this regards, perhaps the EPD or academia are more in position to answer you.


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