Create Your Glass Upcycling Production Contest

Currently each of us produces 1.35kg of municipal solid waste per day. Glass is 100% recyclable but the recycling rate is around 90%. (EPD: 2014) This puts a big burden on the stressed landfills and makes a great waste of natural resources. The project of “[I am] Not Garbage but Valuables” aims to promote green living practice by recycling glass. Through the activities of glass upcycling workshops, glass ambassadors program, the project is expected to raise recycling awareness in HK community, particularly the catering sector that produces thousands of waste glasses.

The coming up “Create Your Glass Upcycling Production Contest” aims to inspire participants the intrinsic value of glasses by providing wonderful glass upcycling methods. Participants could furthermore learn to respect the role of global citizens in managing a sustainable planet; and enhance environmental awareness and creativity. It is a meaningful activity and we are now inviting your participation.

Please download the Contest Entry Form


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